Learn to Measure People & the Environment
Project-Based Course on Mobile Devices, the Internet of Things, & Remote Sensing

Seminars: Thu 12-2pm Fall 2015, 202 South Hall

CoLabs: Tue 3:30pm-6pm Fall 2015, BIDS / 190 Doe Library

Instructors: Dav Clark, Javier Rosa & guests from industry, the social sector and academia

Where Next

So, now you have a project and want to continue working? Here are some ideas for support.

BIDS and the D-Lab

Feel free to keep in touch with Dav, and he’ll help you navigate working with BIDS and the D-Lab.


The URAP program is a great way to get undergrads working with you on a project with clearly defined goals. That said, please don’t think of undergrads as “slave labor” - the best results will come from respectful relationships with a clear learning objective for all participants!


You don’t need to do everything on a college campus. Following is a partial list of maker spaces you might check out:

Dav also knows random grungy groups of people focused on hacking tiny housing and human waste / environmental issues. They don’t necessarily have public-facing websites, though.

Likewise, you might find folks by posting general calls on Facebook or Twitter!


Hacking Measurement was an initiative of the BIDS Collaborative. We drew on support from the Siemens Web of Things group, BIDS, the Social Science Matrix, the I School, the D-Lab, CEGA, DIL, and others. These are all great resources going forwards also!