Learn to Measure People & the Environment
Project-Based Course on Mobile Devices, the Internet of Things, & Remote Sensing

Seminars: Thu 12-2pm Fall 2015, 202 South Hall

CoLabs: Tue 3:30pm-6pm Fall 2015, BIDS / 190 Doe Library

Instructors: Dav Clark, Javier Rosa & guests from industry, the social sector and academia


Tech4Measurement is a Social Science Matrix supported research seminar that seeks to improve the usage of sensor, mobile, and remote-sensing technology to measure social phenomena. The Data Science Collaborative at BIDS is applying lessons learned from our first semester facilitating graduate student teams working on client projects, providing a rare opportunity for real-world, hands-on learning.

For Students Interested in...

Quantified Self

Maker Culture

Citizen Science

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Expected Learning Outcomes

Orientation to different approaches to measurement

Technical project skills

Experiences through project-based learning


Tech4Measurement is an initiative of the Data Science Collaborative at BIDS and Glass Bead Labs. We draw on support from the Siemens Web of Things group, BIDS, the Social Science Matrix, the I School, the D-Lab, CEGA, DIL, and others.


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