Background information

The Berkeley Telemonitoring Project aims at designing an open-source platform for the Android operating system that facilitates privacy-preserving remote monitoring, particularly for medical use. The platform is being designed based on lessons learned during a pilot study that we carried in collaboration with the Northwestern Medical Faculty Foundation in Chicago where we remotely monitored 15 patients with heart failure.

As part of the platform design, we have implemented an event-based Bluetooth stack–that supports both 3.0 and 4.0 (Bluetooth Low Energy). We have also started implementing the IEEE 11073 (Personal Health Device, or PHD) standards on top of our Bluetooth stack, so that devices adhering to this standard can be used in a plug-and-play fashion. Currently, we have implemented the Blood Pressure Monitor and the Thermometer specializations of the IEEE PHD standards. In this project we will expand the support to more specializations (the list of specializations includes Pulse Oximeters, Weighing Scales, Glucose Meter, Cardiovascular Fitness and Activity Monitors, and more). This project involves Java and Android development.

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Expanded Telehealth Platform for Android

Tentative plan

Daniel will lead us in discussion.

Afterwards, we’ll do our formal project sharing. Daniel might be interested to join in with some groups and find ways that you could share skills or software.