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Nick Merrill will talk about what’s possible with biosensors. How much of someone’s thoughts might you read with an EEG? How much of someone’s emotional state could be read with sensors? The answers to these questions, and more, will not be definitively answered in this seminar!




Dav on tutoring/asessing “Natsu Zemi” Nick Merrill on Biosensing Open discussion/planning - Peer asessment starts next week!

Natsu Zemi


What are you trying to sense? What’s the phenomenon? Where does it “exist”? Can sensors actually detect it? Affdex uses your face to understand your emotion Apple watch uses heart rate sensor. What can it measure? Physical activity Excitement Chronic disease history Apple watch used sharing heart beats as a way to be intimate/share intimacy What are the affordances of heart rate as compared to something else, say, EEG? Suggestability of a sensor and their consequences Social signalling Sensors and their data exsit in a rich social space. When we accept to give our data via biosensors, what are we consenting to? Actually measuring data 512 samples/second from EEG device 60 people