Background information

We have discussed how to build sensor prototypes and gather data from them. In this class Naz will explain how fast & easy it can be for iOS and Android Developers (and those aspiring to be) to integrate sensor data, data from storage on your smartphone, and a multitude of webservices into mobile applications to make them smarter and “contextually aware”.

Javier will discuss scaling up projects as part of his research and Malcolm will discuss how to effectively communicate and work with an external contractor.

Reading / Tech



Naz provided his slides, and some additional links regarding UXD:

  1. UXD Community
  2. UXD Meetup
  3. UXD Udacity class

Malcolm / Consulting

Design: Problem definition is key and not usually well thought out.

What’s the behavior?

E.g. A simple button

Freezing the design

What type of consultant

Solution Advice

Research Projects: Tend to minimize aesthetics and focus on function

Searching for consultants

Be careful of contract types