Required Software

This stuff is critical for one team-member to have ready on their laptop, but the more the merrier!



NOTE NEW TIME for event at ManyLabs:

Review of expectations / updated syllabus

I’ve added greater clarity around grading on the syllabus page. We’ll review this briefly at the beginning of class. In particular, be sure that I have your GitHub ID using this issue, and that you’ve joined the Gitter chat room (linked at the footer of every page on the site).

Hands-on with Arduinos

We’ve had a conceptual introdution, but this week, we’ll start programming and getting data. A limited number of kits will be available, and priority will be given to individuals who are formally enrolled in the course and/or on project teams.

You can get a kit of your own for cheap, and this is encouraged! This way you can engage more easily in your own projects and feel more free to do anything you dream up. Let us know if you want help ordering (you can find us on the Gitter chat, linked in the footer below).

Tentative plan

We’ll see how far we get, and move what’s left to a later class:

Instructions: Navigate to and edit with the pencil icon/button.

Also - before this will work for you, you need to accept the invitation to the github repo. Look here: (there will be a link to the invitation near the top of the page)

Hacking Measurement

Third meeting: 9/10/2015



Arduino : An Introduction

Code for the accelerometer:

``` // the setup routine runs once when you press reset: void setup() { // initialize serial communication at 9600 bits per second: Serial.begin(9600); }

// the loop routine runs over and over again forever: void loop() { // read the input on analog pin 0: int sensorValueX = analogRead(A0); int sensorValueY = analogRead(A1); int sensorValueZ = analogRead(A2); // print out the value you read: Serial.print(sensorValueX5/1023.0); Serial.print(‘,’); Serial.print(sensorValueY5/1023.0); Serial.print(‘,’); Serial.println(sensorValueZ*5/1023.0); delay(100); // delay in between reads for stability } ```