Learn to Measure People & the Environment
Project-Based Course on Mobile Devices, the Internet of Things, & Remote Sensing

Seminars: Thu 12-2pm Fall 2015, 202 South Hall

CoLabs: Tue 3:30pm-6pm Fall 2015, BIDS / 190 Doe Library

Instructors: Dav Clark, Javier Rosa & guests from industry, the social sector and academia

Earthquake Measurement and Visualization

Robert Nadeau

About Berkeley Seismological Laboratory

Mission of the BSL Fundamental research: Support fundamental research into all aspects of earthquakes, solid earth processes, and their effects on society through the collection, archival, and delivery of high quality geophysical data and through fostering a dynamic research environment that connects researchers across disciplines and to geophysical observations systems.

Hazard information: Provide robust and reliable real-time data and information on Northern California earthquakes to government, public, and private institutions, and to the public, in partnership with the US Geological Survey, CalEMA and other collaborating institutions.

Broad education: Enable the broad consumption of earthquake information and solid earth science through education and outreach to all sectors of society. Educate and train students at all levels through classes and research opportunities.

Professional operation: Create a productive professional working environment to enable the efficient and robust operation and management of the geophysical facilities and the career development of the staff and students.

Project description

Improve fundamental research to detect new earthquake phenonemon by creating a new interactive earthquake measurement and visualization tool runs on the ObsPy framework. The current plaform is too buggy since it was built in the mid 90s.