Learn to Measure People & the Environment
Project-Based Course on Mobile Devices, the Internet of Things, & Remote Sensing

Seminars: Thu 12-2pm Fall 2015, 202 South Hall

CoLabs: Tue 3:30pm-6pm Fall 2015, BIDS / 190 Doe Library

Instructors: Dav Clark, Javier Rosa & guests from industry, the social sector and academia

Large scale meta-analyses of brain imaging data

J.B. Poline


J.B. works at the Brain Imaging Center. This is an on campus facility which collects brain imaging data such as anatomical and functional MRI.


The project is to help data mining a web resource that collects information from brain imaging publication : http://brainspell.org/.

This site allows to enter keywords of cognitive/sensory domains such as “vision”, “memory”, etc, and extract the x,y,z coordinates that have been reported in publications in these domains. A map of the brain is constructed in the browser showing where these coordinates are across the publications.

This is potentially a very useful resource for having an overview of the regions of the brain reported in papers.

We would like to extend the tool to answer a number of question of interest linked to effect sizes and power analyses (see project objectives).

Project Objectives

Here are some examples of questions we would like to answer with brainspell: