In attendance

Tentative plan

Platforms: - Kopernik in Indonesia (marketplace for last mile technology, do overviews of existing tools). They have a side-project on impact tracking. - Manylabs - EcoEngine / Google Earth Engine - DataTurbine - Mezuri / ODK - Ohmage

Data Sources: - Satellite data - State of science with mobile, sensors and satellites (written by PhD students - reach out to them if they are interested)

Projects: - Development engineering projects from CEGA, etc. - - Josh Blumenstock & Niell Keleher on Ebola and food prices w/ - Aman - GridWatch in DIL (mostly using smartphones) - talk to Javier & Matt Podolsky - Danny Wilson - Cook Stove project, made it cheaper, better, improved usage with machine learning algorithm (will go live in a month or so) - Raja? - John Canny? - Pablo / destress

General contour: - Big Picture - Temina - Talk with Temina about having the new hire spend a good chunk of their time on the course.

Discuss balance between RCT and development engineering.