Tony Fountain has been instrumental in applying the OSDT to environmental measurement. It was developed initially by U.S. government organizations (such as NASA) to integrate real-time streams of data from planes, and other difficult-to-synchronize data sources. Tony has played mostly a managerial role in this, and has often had to be the one writing grants to get domain scientists to use the code he’s promoting.

Tony is in the process of winding down his research unit, and has many a story to tell – both of his adventures installing sensor networks in exotic (and not-so-exotic) locales and also his experiences finding non-traditional jobs for himself and others to support this work.

Working with Tony would be an excellent opportunity to do ethnography and investigate career options and implications in addition to any input he might provide on using OSDT and other approaches to environmental sensing.

Tony is very open to individuals extending, modifying, or simply learning lessons from the OSDT.

Notes are currently in Dav’s ISCS notebook and also in his Hacking Measurement Evernote notebook.