In attendance

Best course for making use of existing sensors?

Discussion with Andy Brooks (LTER) and Neil Davis - Coral Reef Environmental Observing Network (CREON - ad hoc, anyone can participate). Not very active right now, but somewhat in Thailand and Taiwan.

Who are collaborators at UCSD?

Was doing successful buoy-based data collection system w/ WiFi Got grant from Moore to miniaturize system w/ folks at UCSD: Peter Arzberger, along with Tony Fountain and Sameer Tilak (Jim Lichter is faculty at Scripps - main coordinating person for the avatar). The focus there was on proof of concept for a system. Andy is more interested in the science. They also manage Data Turbine.

Dav (and maybe Falk) will try to meet with Tony Fountain in 2 weeks.

Platform using motorola droid phone, data turbine, etc. (used this instead of campbell platform.)

System used sensors made by seabird, but worked with multiple sensor systems.

Are there any existing visualizations?

AWESOME: Australians had a great system in place that would send tweets out, kiosks in shopping malls, bleaching events would send out an alert.

Australians have a great system for specimen / sample identification.

Focus on a project for the fall based on existing data - here, events are known, and we could work on simulating event detection.

Program Officer for biocode from Moore - Jim Omura, set up Data Fascia ( - working through John’s Hopkins, EMERGE). He was involved with Moorea biocode project, and involved with CREON, etc.

Paul from Norther Temperate Lakes LTER at Wisconsin might be a good person to talk to about semantics.

Also iPlant in Arizona - working on linking ontologies from genomics to trait-based and environment.

We created a Zotero group, and Neal will put some things there (Dav already has).

Foodweb modeling - last Monday and Tuesday in April. Chris Mangall at LBNL also working on these things.