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Introduce likely core content contributors, discuss plans for the semester.

Tentative plan (from Dav)

I’m not sure if we should shoot for 2 or 3 seminars this semester. As you can see, I’m still finding out about finances. But at a minimum, I’d love to do these two:

  1. A seminar focused on mobile (android-focused, but at least touching on what you’d do for iOS or cross-platform). Javier, I’m hoping you’d take the lead on at least determining content of that seminar (so that we are coherent with the directions Mezuri is going), with support from Sid.

  2. A seminar focused on sensors. I’m working with a guy from the GIF on environmental sensing, and we’re instrumenting environmental and social sensing in the BIDS space. It’d be great to come up with a cross-disciplinary list of examples, along with basic pointers on how to get started, or integrate with existing units on campus. We might also reach out to folks on campus like the nano-lab or whoever else works on mobile / embedded electronics.

Other topics could include remote sensing, datasets such as the call data record and micro-grid data from TIER, and inviting some folks in to talk about 3D (or 4D) capture.

I wanted to reach out to you three first, but I’d like to establish the core team that’s going to have input.

We also discussed making this website!

Notes from Sid

I’m happy to provide insight on my experience integrating funf in our upcoming mood and decision-making study, mobile programming in general as well as ODK-related matters. I also now have some experience with call data record research through our SmartBay microsimulation work. W/R/T mobile I can think of a few salient topics to cover:

I can go over other stuff as well, but these are the first things that come to mind.

emote/Environmental Data Provenance Infrastructure: (Bonus: Implemented in Django!)

Open mHealth: (description of their approach to data schematization)

funf: (pluggable behavioral sensing toolkit… see “developers”. Note that 0.5 RC1 is a bit buggy, which is why we decided to go with 0.4.2. There are major benefits to 0.5, but it’s not supported, and, though I think I worked out most of the issues, I didn’t feel safe integrating it into a production app).

Innovative human research metadata privacy infrastructure: (from De Montjoye)


Dav created a chat room in the “Moore-Sloan Data Science Environment” for tech4measurement. Dav thinks the main idea is that we could discuss issues that folks are currently concerned about in BIDS - surrounding surveillance and how to protect subjects (esp. when the subjects are “us”). You are invited to join as well - ideally we’ll get some cross-campus support around this topic:

If you’re not interested in joining, no worries - and you can always join later!